Why Do You Build That Feature?

How often did it happen that you spent months designing and building a feature and then realize that you are not sure why you did it in the first place. Or that a client asked you to create something for them that turned out that there is no need for it? It is something that […]

Pair Programming is Less Expensive Than You Think

So, every so often, you hear someone suggesting introducing a weird dev practice – pair programming. You ask yourself – why would I ever pay TWO people doing the work of one person? It’s closer to 10%. There are numerous benefits in areas of software quality and team dynamics, as well as challenges. For more […]

Costs of Misunderstood Requirements

Everyone working on a product must understand who’s the user of a given feature. When we understand the user’s needs we can write better requirements, and deliver the solution with minimal effort and no hidden costs. When we have multiple levels of command within the company, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page. […]

Understanding true costs of a bug

Bugs are a major issue in the software development business. They create tension within the company, delay releases, damage brand, etc. They decrease potential revenue while increasing the total cost of the software more than you think. However, they are an unavoidable part of software development, more so since the massive expansion of agile and […]

A Case for Test Automation

Software engineers often hate testing. However, it is a vital part of a software development process. Lacking automated tests can create verification issues once software matures.  Through this article, I will guide you through the benefits, costs, and potential risks of test automation. The value depends on the needs and realities of business. This article […]

Suspendisse morbi pretium

Eu donec in etiam ornare integer nam torquent ut, duis convallis semper proin vulputate arcu viverra nibh lectus, aliquet cras rutrum interdum phasellus suspendisse eleifend faucibus, magnis neque tempor adipiscing mus sollicitudin luctus. Sodales non eu taciti rutrum ultrices dapibus ipsum pharetra, massa integer cras varius ante augue tortor ultricies iaculis, a congue laoreet facilisi […]

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