Beyond Product Lifecycle

So, today it was announced that Evernote was acquired by Bending Spoons. For those who were using and following news around Evernote, it’s known that the product was in the declining phase of a product lifecycle. I think it’s useful to shed the light on this (and similar cases), see what happens at the graveyard […]

Consider Dual-Track Agile

More often than not Product Managers (or Product Owners as they are typically referred to nowadays) spend almost all of their time converting highest-paid person’s opinion into user stories, and on day-to-day team activities. While instead they should be looking more into the future. Dual-track to the rescue! One of the advantages of using dual-track […]

Transparency of Business Objectives

We are at the third article in the “transparency of …” series. So far, we have covered the basic concepts of transparency and went into more detail on the top-level business concept – the company vision. Both are very important. This one, transparency of business objectives, is where things often go sideways. I will start […]

Transparency of Vision

In my last article, I talked about the value transparency has for the business. This article will deal with the idea behind the company – its vision. Buckle up! The company vision moves the company forward. Without vision, it’s just a revenue-generating machine. The company vision must be understandable, but it also must be transparent. […]

The Value of Transparency

Recently I’ve been wrestling with the concept of transparency, and its value in business. To be clear – by transparency, I mean the internal flow of information. This article will be a high-level overview of the whole thing. Expect details on specific topics in the future. To keep my sanity, I will stay away from […]

Ways to Use Risk Management in Software Companies

Most of you have heard about risk management in the context of project management. While irreplaceable in project management, we can use it in other parts of the business. The aim of this article is not to tell you how to use the practice. Instead, it will give you clues as to when to use […]

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